5 Motivational Tips to finish everything

5 Motivational Tips to finish everything
In all forms of workplace, being motivated with what you do frequently is more challenging than the deadline.  Now….what to do?

Well… I have tricks for that.

  1. Begin with the end in mind. Procrastinations have been helpful in the industry of motivation. Since the day of the invention of deadlines, people have been using procastination as a form of motivation. How? Deadline…Obviously, we find it boring and frightful. Hence, we can use that fright and boredom in a form of enhancement for ourselves to finish the task earlier than expected.

 But give some time for corrections. You might be walking elsewhere and just had the chance of thinking of an additional touch for the project you are working on. Then the remaining time before the deadline can be the time to polish it.


  1. Enjoy the feeling of success and don’t spit it out. When we are finished with a project, we are excited of what we have accomplished. Now, can you remember that feeling? Hold it, sit, and think of the joy you had when you have finished something great. Then after that, do not spit it out. Literally.

Because when you do, it makes you arrogant, and why would you share so much of that feeling, Is that for the joy of having it? Or bragging it? Choose the one that would make your environment comfortable and full of pure air.


  1. Remember what you have been capable of. After remembering the feeling of success, also remember that you have been doing this frequently, think of it as a trophy.

A skill would require 10,000 hours before you truly can say that you mastered it. Who would count that???(I read it somewhere, will find the original source, they’re too many).


But it’s right. As we frequently do our tasks, we soon find the ups and downs of doing our thing. May it be cracking of an egg – Can’t be a chef, I always crack the red yolks-  soon, we’ll master it and do it perfectly.

  1. Remember your play times. Once you’ve realized how have been a master you are in a given task, remember the times you just want to enjoy your time on your newly found hobby.


 My aspirations when I was a kid was riding a bike, having a remote control car and/or helicopter, and a lot more. Safe to say I already did the first. And now, I am motivated to be successful to buy a helicopter. How did that sound? Magnificent.

  1. Just remember who you are. There are times when we are extremely occupied of what we have been doing, we over impart ourselves with the occupation and entitlement we have, and that could be unhealthy.


Always remember what you were before the times you were doing this, then you would remember how passionate you were before in these times of troubles….

I had a terror teacher in freshmen high school, and he once said – I am not sure if its his original quote-  “You can sleep when you’re dead” I was hella scared, I do not want my sleep to be interrupted, no way. But it turns out, he is very passionate of his job as a teacher that he wanted his students to learn and be motivated to study. One of the coolest teachers I’ve ever known.

We may have different perspectives in doing what we have been passionate about, but always remember it’s just the deadline, we could handle that.


A picture of my sleeping nephew. Safe and sound.



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