First things first.

July is my birth month and I think this is the best time to start my own blog.

First things first, hello there! I am Ralph Emerson. This will be my blog website(or blogsite?), as you are obviously reading it, it is

I will be posting a weekly dosage of my works. It’s all about my love for photography (personal and professional).  If you have any inquiries on how to shoot your project, feel free to email me at and if you need my advice don’t hesitate to casually ask me cause I would be glad to help you. New projects, new experiences. Ahhhh the feeling of having new things.

So again, hello there. I know this will be a hell of a ride (blogging….ackkkkk) but at least I’m starting to embrace all the creative outlet I could possibly have. If you know what I mean. Because there are times that I just want to take a shot and share it to the world but sometimes pictures are not enough, nor words are not enough, so I thought, Why not do both?

If heroes want to protect the world, then I want to share something to it.  Maybe it’s not that heroic but I want to inspire everyone. Shot by shot, frame by frame, moments by moments.

Here is a picture of my lola (grandma) where she passively posed for a shot. She’s like a supermodel in her own days. Nice right? I don’t believe it either. However, my mom told me that lola was very pretty in her days, she even wears sunglasses just to buy in their nearest market. Her name is Margarita Dizo – Delos Santos. She is stunningly mataray but she loves to eat so maybe she’s nice?

That’s it for today. Hope to meet you soon and thanks for reading. Share it won’t you?

My Dearest Lola Margarita
My Dearest Lola Margarita

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